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Monday, August 09, 2004

Beanman's Paranoia / Reading The Entrails

MiPO Online Aug. '04

Beanman's Paranoia

Hungry as a jungle cat and
loopy as a Chianti loon
the beanman and the wishy lady
come walking.
The beanman's convinced
the librarian's out to get him
but the wishy lady says no
it's just the moooooon
making tiiiiiides inside his head.

All the same, though,
in the back of her mind
the wishy lady knows it’s true:
you can never trust the librarian.

Reading The Entrails

Bernie had a hole in his belly
as big as your head
for a minute
and Carole Anne
had the sweetest lips
the longest legs
and the driest thirst
for Cuervo
as she slipped
into darkness
like Bernie
but slower

I'm gonna be
lonely as hell
horny as hell tonight